Introductory Skills Courses

Individuals new to the sport or with limited experience will enjoy learning from out professional guides who take the time to cater to you. Our Focus is to get you climbing while teaching skills and movement techniques that are needed for a safe and fun day.


New England provides some of the finest climbing in the continental US. 

Our mountains geology have been affected by numerous ice ages exposing beautiful granite cliffs creating a climbers paradise. From the beautiful sport climbs of Rumney to the long traditional routes of Cannon Cliff and much much more, New Hampshire is where its at for climbing ice and rock.

Not to be overlooked by the skiers out there: Mt. Washington receives 250″ of snow on average per year. New Hampshire and Vermont boast some excellent learning venues as well as big terrain to grow into. Starting with an intro to backcountry skiing course is a great place to see what skiing the East is all about.

Rock Climbing Skills Course

Ice Climbing Skills Course

Intro to Backcountry Skiing

Skiing a secret ski line, NH

Families & Groups:

New England provides some of the finest climbing in the continental US. 

Our introductory and skills adventures can accommodate groups up to 10 people from the first timer to the experienced. These guided experiences are a great way to introduce families and groups to climbing and skiing. Or, schedule a day to take your group of friends out for a relaxed and enjoyable day in the mountains and leave the planning and organizing to us.

All with have to opportunity to work on their fundamental climbing skills and creative movement techniques while climbing on single pitch ice and rock climbs or backcountry ski trails. MMG provides the guides, gear, and support for an excellent day is in the hills. (MMG does not rent backcountry skis at this time.)