Who we are and what we are about.

Founder Art Mooney originally created Mooney Mountain Guides Inc. in 2001. Art’s idea was to create a guide service that operated in central New Hampshire, providing his guests with climbs at Rumney, Cannon, and Franconia Notch. In the beginning, Art was the sole owner and sole guide. From the start Art’s mission for MMG has been to provide his guests with a more personalized and exceptional experience than his competitors. Through Art’s hard work and dedication, MMG has grown setting in motion the careers of many professional guides. For his commitment and industry leading standards Art was awarded the AMGA Excellence in Guiding Award in 2014 and Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019.

In 2014, Mooney Mountain Guides LLC was sold to Alex Teixeira. Prior to the sale Alex was a MMG Guide following his mentor Art’s footsteps. This path led Alex to his current position as owner operator of Mooney Mountain Guides LLC. Alex’s vision is to continue the original mission of MMG and take the company into the future as an example of excellence in American guiding.

Mooney Mountain Guides LLC goal is to provide the highest quality guided experience to our guests on guided climbs, lessons, and courses. It is the continuous effort of all MMG guides to not only guide the climb, but also create a personalized experience for each guest, each day based on guest goals. MMG guides will practice safe climbing techniques, teach up to date information, follow Leave No Trace principles and treat our guests and other climbers with the highest degree of personal respect.

In addition to the service provided, MMG’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for our guests by being at the leading edge of industry development and professionalism. This includes in-house training, guide mentorship, and personal professional development. Guides who pursue personal growth are rewarded with increased benefits and compensations. This commitment to industry leading guide training sets us apart from other guide services. Being a pitch above the rest our guests will come to expect the highest degree of professionalism and care and as a result choose to climb with MMG over other guide services.

Why Hire A Guide?

  • Guide Training: All credible pros require formal education or training and proof of competency. American Mountain Guides Association courses, assessments, and exams give the professional guide credibility through this process. Learn more about the AMGA. Learn more about the process of becoming a guide.
  • Professionalism: Qualified guides (guides who have participated in peer reviewed training, assessment, and examination) lead the climbing and guiding industry and are dedicated to their craft. Professional guides do this for a living. It is our primary employment and we are dedicated to making it accessible to you. Learn More.
  • Risk Management: is our number one priority. We are trained to recognize and continually practice the art of identifying and mitigating risk while delivering exciting and empowering experiences to our clients.
  • Expert Coaching: In addition to being experts in technical systems professional guides are also trained and examined in teaching and coaching. In the time limits of everyday life, you will learn and accomplish more by hiring a guide.
  • Personal Relationship: Our guides are more than rope robots. We care deeply about our work and your mountain goals. We are your professional resource in the industry and can help you every step of the way on your climbing journey.

Social Action

We believe that the outdoors and climbing should be welcoming and accessible to everyone.  Unfortunately there are many obstacles for many people in this country.  These obstacles are systemic, complex and deeply ingrained in our culture.  To accomplish meaningful change, it will take intentional, hard work and commitment from all of us in the outdoor industry.  

MMG has a history of working towards improving access for underrepresented people in climbing.  For 7 years we have worked with Kismet Rock Foundation.  https://www.kismetrockfoundation.org/

“Kismet Rock Foundation nourishes the physical, intellectual and emotional development of rural and urban children throughout New England before they enter their perilous teen years. Our success in redirecting the path and supporting the potential of children is accomplished by providing scholarships for a comprehensive education in technical rock climbing within the context of a stable and loving family-like atmosphere.”

Through formal guiding and volunteering MMG guides have seen the profound effect this program has on vulnerable children from our local areas.  We have taught these children how to tie in, climb, rappel.  We have shared meals, struggles and laughs.  We have seen the growth and self confidence develop as the children move through their 4 years of high school.  Many return to work as staff members.  

Many of you have had the experience of stretching mind, body and heart through climbing on the beautiful rock here in NH.  Unfortunately, many people simply can’t access climbing.  They may not have the financial resources, community models or support.  Or they may not feel welcome because they look different than others at the crag.  This is slowly changing but it is up to us to make everyone feel welcome and included.

MMG would like to be able to offer a full scholarship for a child to attend Kismet. The full cost for a child to attend over four years is $8000.  We need your help.  Please consider adding $10-$20 to your invoice which will go directly to this scholarship fund.