Alpine Mountaineering


For many, the High Alpine represents the pinnacle of climbing. To climb successfully in the Alpine, one undertakes a life long practice of every climbing skill; rock, ice, steep snow, glacier, backpacking, navigation, etc. Climbing in the Alpine is not only a physical and mental challenge, but a spiritual journey through the boundaries of human existence.

Mooney Mountain Guides offers guided ascents of alpine climbing objectives year round in New Hampshire, June & July in the Cascades of Washington State. If you are looking for a one day introduction, a guided climb, or multi-day adventure, our guides can provide the experience you have been dreaming of. Every successful summit begins with a single step. Join us.

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  • Introduction to Alpine Mountaineering

    Introduction to Mountaineering – Designed as a one or two day experience to focus on introducing the skills necessary to travel efficiently and safely through the mountains in any season. Winter, spring, summer or fall, our introductory mountaineering days are perfect for those who wish to learn the skills necessary to reach the planet’s high mountains. Winter/spring focuses on travel on snow and ice. Summer/fall focuses on travel on 3rd, 4th, and low 5th class rock; or fast-packing peaks with minimal gear.

  • Guided Alpine Climbs & Mountaineering

    MMG offers guided ascents of alpine climbs near and far. Mt. Washington, Crawford Notch and Franconia Notch are premier alpine climbing venues in the North East. With objectives for every season, we can help you redefine “adventure” and expand your skill set while on a guided day or trip in the alpine.

  • Advanced Alpine Objectives

    From New Hampshire to Washington Sate, our alpine style mountaineering days and trips are for the experienced mountaineer. On these days you will assist in planning and preparation for a climb of one of the technical mountaineering routes on Mt Washington, Mt Lafayette, Crawford Notch, Smuggler’s Notch VT, or Mt. Baker WA.  Early starts and long days are necessary on these committing mountain objectives. Prior experience and a high level of fitness are needed to complete these climbs.

  • Mt. Washington

    Sponsored by Burgeon Outdoor

    Mt. Washington is without a doubt the most sought after and recognized peak in New Hampshire. Climbing Mt. Washington with MMG is a truly awesome experience you will remember. With arctic temperatures, record setting winds, frequent whiteouts, and deep snowpack, this mountain provides a challenge for everyone.

    You and your guide will meet early to check essential gear. As you ascend you will hone your winter travel techniques.  Arriving above tree-line will put your skills into practice as you make your way to the top. On a clear day the summit treats you to a 360-degree view of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Canada. And the day isn’t over; the descent can sometimes be more challenging then the ascent.

    Climbing Daily Year Round:

    2020/21 Open Enrollment Dates( for individuals looking for a group to join):

    November: 28

    December: 6, 11(Women Only), 19

    January: 2, 24(Women Only)

    February: 13(Women Only), 21

    March 27

    Price: Private Climb $300; Multiple guests $200 per-person.

    Book with MMG and receive a gift certificate for the Burgeon gear our guides help design and trust to keep us moving up the mountain.
  • Winter Presi Traverse

    The ‘Traverse’ is the most sought after multi-day winter mountaineering route in the Northeast.

    The Presidential Range Traverse is a difficult and challenging mountaineering adventure in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Trail conditions vary widely from deep snows to thinly snow covered rocks and verglas ice. The majority of the 20+ mile, 3 day traverse is above tree-line exposing climbers to the beauty and magnificent views of the White Mountains and also to the physical and mental demands constant exposure to the weather brings. Extreme arctic conditions are common in the Presidentials with 0 to -20 degree temps, 40 to 60+ mph winds, and fog and blinding windswept snow causing full whiteout conditions that should be planned for and expected.

    Prior mountaineering experience and being in good physical condition is required. You will be carrying a 50 lb pack in rugged terrain making crampon and snowshoe skills as well as winter backpacking and camping experience extremely helpful.

  • Mountaineering Courses/ Other Objectives

    Every season of the year we offer a variety of scheduled courses.  All of our courses are available on the listed dates or can be customized to fit your needs and schedule. Check out our Mt. Baker, North Cascades, Rocky Mountain, and Teton trips.