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Feb 2023
I took a women’s Alpine Climbing Skills Clinic with Laurie Watts in February in Crawford Notch, NH. Laurie was welcoming, kind, patient, calm, encouraging, responsive, and wildly knowledgeable. She helped me feel safe yet challenged the whole time, and customized the day to our group’s experience levels and requests. Her pedagogy blew me away – she expertly scaffolded our learning process and had already started answering my questions as soon as they popped into my head. She provided helpful information before and after our trip. I especially appreciated her gear list, which proved exactly correct the day of our trip. I would absolutely take another trip with Laurie and highly recommend her trips to others.
Dec 2022
We booked an ice climbing day. It was early in the season and the weather was touch and go. Our guide, Laurie Watts, was in contact. We even booked a back up day in case of bad conditions. The day was good enough to climb and we set off. My husband and I wanted instruction on efficiency and technique to really dial in our ice climbing skills. We have plans to lead W2 with a goal of The Cleft multi-pitch ascent.

A top rope M set up was put up and we climbed some vertical ice. The feedback during the climbs were spot on. I felt so much growth in technique. So worth it. I highly recommend Mooney Mountain Guides and especially Laurie Watts.

Oct 2022
I recently took my Single Pitch Instructor’s exam through Mooney Mountain Guides. Ted and Grant, our examiners, were consummate professionals. They showed immense respect for their responsibility in training the next generation of guides.

Despite the inherent stresses, the exam was tightly run and thoroughly enjoyable. Their teaching was conversational and tailored to the individual at hand. We learned not to think in terms of rigid rules but principles that we should tailor to our specific contexts.

I can’t say enough good things, and I look forward to learning from these master educators again!

Jul 2022 • Friends
Summited Mount Baker for my third trip with Mooney Mountain Guides. A beautiful area of the country and Alex made excellent suggestions on where to stay and what to do before and after our trip to the summit. He was also very helpful making sure we had the right equipment packed and supplying what we didn’t have. The hike to base camp was very scenic. We set up our tents and then left early the next morning to summit. Alex set a good pace to ensure that we didnt get too tired. We reached the summit about mid-morning and then returned to base camp enjoying the scenery along the way. We then hiked out on the following day, which gave us the afternoon to relax and.learn additional Alpine skills while continuing to enjoy the scenery. Alex was very patient and accommodating during the entire trip. I plan to do a lot more trips with MMG.