Infectious Disease Response

Updated September, 2020:

In addition to updates on MMG’s operation status, you will find the guidelines, procedures, and codes of conduct that MMG has adopted to help mitigate the risk associated with infectious disease transmission. These guidelines have been developed through extensive research and collaboration with other stake holders in the healthcare and mountain guiding fields.

Please be advised that these guidelines will need to be updated and advised as we navigate through the challenges presented by COVID-19.

When you schedule a guided day or climbing trip with Mooney Mountain Guides, you will be choosing a guide service that puts well being ahead of ambition. With your help I know we can continue to provide mountain experiences that are beyond expectation as we challenge ourselves on the crags, cliffs, and alpine terrain of New Hampshire and beyond.

Code of Responsibility

Climbing and Traveling in a mountain environment involves risk. When we go into the mountains with you we acknowledge this risk and work together, as a team, to limit and mitigate exposure. We cannot eliminate all risk. Now we must address the risk of transmission of an infectious disease like COVID-19. We must work together with care and consideration to mitigate this new risk. Our actions before, during, and after a trip greatly affect the members of the climbing team and the land the team travels over. It is vital to take care of one another and preserve the trust climbers share with each other and their communities. To that end, MMG has developed a Code of Responsibility that we ask you to read, understand and agree to follow.


Mooney Mountain Guides, its guides, and employees reserve the right to cancel or postpone any guided day, trip, or course due to concerns over Infectious Communicable Transmissible Diseases.

Guests, or anyone participating in a guided day, trip or course has the right to cancel or postpone due to concerns over Infectious Communicable Transmissible Diseases.


MMG Guides will abide by all Federal, State, National Forest and Health Authorities guidance, rules and recommendations. MMG will stay up to date on Federal, State and Health Authority recommendations and amend the policies and procedures as appropriate.

MMG will train the Guides in understanding symptoms, routes of transmission and appropriate hygiene and sanitation issues regarding infectious diseases such as COVID-19.


MMG Guides will travel to the venue alone and follow state rules regarding travel.

Health Screening: 

Complete a Health Screening and take their temperature regularly including on the morning of your trip and if you have any symptoms or suspected exposure to COVID-19 or other infectious disease, we will reschedule your trip.  If that is not possible, we will issue a refund.

Personal Hygiene:

Utilize hand washing/hand sanitizer to use regularly throughout the day and especially around handling equipment.

Social Distancing:

Practice, promote and require 6’ of physical distancing between all people and with other groups.  If this is not possible due to crowds, find another location nearby where physical distancing can be maintained.

Face Covering/Masks:

Use a face covering when in circumstances where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Nutrition & Hydration:

Bring your own food and water and don’t share, except in the case of emergency.

First Aid: MMG guides will provide first aid to the level of training that we are certified (Wilderness First Responder or higher) and in adherence to the evolving recommendations from health authorities regarding patient interactions in our current COVID-19 environment. 

If a Guide becomes ill during the day, the guide will terminate the trip and send all guests home.  

We ask you to notify us immediately if you become ill during the day.  We will ask you to leave or evacuate as necessary.


Use gear that has either been disinfected or quarantined per manufacturer guidelines.

Post Trip Communication:

If you become ill during the 14 days after your trip notify trip members of a potential exposure.  

Common Questions & Answers

How can I help Mooney Mountain Guides?
  1. Hire us
  2. Purchase a Gift Certificate
  3. Follow us on social media
  4. Leave a review on Trip Advisor
  5.  Sign up for our newsletter
How can I support NH small businesses?
  1. Come climbing
  2. Follow our code of conduct
  3. Reschedule instead of taking refunds
  4. If you enjoyed your time or service, leave positive reviews, tag, tell your friends.
Do I have to wear a face covering when I climb/ski with MMG?

Yes, you will have to wear a face covering at times where physical distancing cannot be maintained between other people not of the same household.

Does MMG supply masks & face coverings?

We strongly advise you bring your own mask/face coverings. In the event your mask becomes damaged or lost, MMG guides will have backup masks available.

If my day is canceled due to COVID-19 do I get a refund?

Yes. We do ask that if at all possible that you reschedule your day or receive a gift certificate that does not expire instead of receiving a refund. If you show up to your guided day or trip with flu like symptoms and your guide cancels the day in accordance with state regulations a 25% minimum fee will be forfeited to help cover the guides expenses of travel/food/child care/etc.

In the past MMG has climbed with my group of up to 10 participants. Can my group still come climbing together?

Yes and no. Your group can come, but it will be separated into smaller groups, and the smaller groups will not interact during the climbing day. In accordance with state regulations, all persons not of the same household must use their own transportation to get to and from the climbing venue.

Resources & Links

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