Our passion is climbing and skiing in the mountains and our lives work is sharing these experiences with others. MMG was  built on the basic principle that each guest deserves the experience they desire most. Therefore, every guided day is focused on the goals and objectives of the individual or group. Tell us your climbing dreams and we will work with you to turn those dreams into reality.

Introductory Days

For those who are new to the mountains or with limited experience.  You will enjoy learning from our professional guides who take the time to cater to you. Our focus is to get you out there while introducing basic skills and concepts needed for a safe, fun day in the hills.

Regular Guided Days

Our most commonly requested day.  Designed around your skills, goals and objectives.  These days are focused on fun while providing you with the expert level of risk management that only a trained and certified guide can deliver. From the White Mountains, to Red Rock, to the North Cascades.