The Ice Climbs in the photo called Black Dike (on left) and Fafnir (right trending line) took their time to come back into shape. The Black Dike was climbed just before the October snowstorm but the warm weather melted it out until this week. This photo was taken Monday morning Dec 12 when Matt, Jay and I went up there and were pleasantly surprised at the amount of ice. It was quite warm and pleasant in this often hostile area We enjoyed a great time on the ice together.

First glimpse of the ice as we approach up the talus.  Black Dike and Fafnir in early season conditions.

Jay climbing the yellow buttery ice on the first pitch.

Matt fully engaged as he steps out onto the steep runnel of ice on the middle pitch of the route.

 Matt enjoying the steep technical final pitch of the route.

Art Mooney