Mike has enjoyed climbing and skiing with MMG for the past eight years. Three years ago he traveled up to Conway with his family to try out rock climbing. Whitehorse was the place to begin with long sweeping slabs that lead to beautiful views of the Mt Washington Valley.

Now every year Jackson and Mylee take it a bit higher. MIleage is the key with climbing and once you become comfortable its much easier to climb to new heights. You will see by the photos Jackson and Mylee are having fun on these wonderful rock routes at Whitehorse Ledge inNorth Conway NH.

Family Photo

Mylee climbing quickly to the top!

Mike and Jackson working the moves together.

You go girl its a figure of eight.

Jackson headed up higher.

Made it to the top!!!

Great climb for Jackson and Mike.

Belay ledges offer a nice break.

Mike and Jackson having a good time.

It is great to be the teacher and watching the kids climb. Each season we do something a bit different with slightly more challenge. Being sure to keep it fun for all.

Thanks to Mike, Amy, Mylee and Jackson for climbing with me.

Art Mooney