Bill Enjoying the Alpine Environment.

Bill is a climber. Even if it hasn’t been that long, he is totally into it. Bills goals are to climb the long, beautiful, moderate alpine routes that can be found in the mountain ranges all over the world. I don’t blame him; these routes are some of the most fun to climb. However, the mountaineer must have a toolbox of skills that he or she can employ to climb or escape a mountain objective. Bill came to MMG to be introduced to that toolbox.


Sending a steep section of ‘snice’.


Practicing rope travel techniques.


Bill Taking on the Crux

The location was Willie’s slide in Crawford Notch, NH. The long moderate ice and snow climb was the perfect classroom for Bills objectives. Some of the topics covered were rope travel, self-arrest, belaying, anchor building, multi-pitch ascents, ice axe use, crampons and many more. Bill was like a sponge absorbing the all the information he could about the sport he loves. Bill has what it takes to climb the big routes determination, technical skills, and above all a positive attitude. I can hardly wait for the learning to continue.

Thank you Bill for an awesome day of climbing in the alpine.

Alex Teixeira

MMG Guide