Rumney Rocks Climbing

Last Friday I had the privilege to climb with Caren, Rich, Emily, and Nicole for the second time. It had been a full year since we had climbed together and I already look forward to next year.

Spending the day with this excited, high energy family is tons of fun. We enjoyed a half day at “Upper Vader”

We sampled climbs ranging from 5.4-5.8 in a supportive and always hilarious atmosphere.

Friday was a hot sunny day though we managed to stay in the shade and enjoy cheddar cheese pretzels and Gatorade between climbs.

Thanks to the whole family for a super fun day! Enjoy the rest of Summer! See you next season!

Matt Ritter

MMG Guide

Father and Daughter team, Bob and Lisa joined us for a half day of sport climbing in Rumney this Wednesday. We headed for the right side of the Venus Wall to climb in the shady and cool Dirtigo Gulley. We spent the day here learning to belay, lower, and tie the rope while we climbed some of the best moderate pitches in the Baker River Valley.

We warmed up on Mowgli Grape, and Dirtigo. These are two super-classic climbs with great views from the top.

After a warmup we needed a little more challenge so we tried our hand at the testy White Knee Gill Man Ridge. A climb that requires balance ant the use of the “smear” technique. Bob and Lisa both performed beautifully on this striking feature.

To wrap up the day we climbed a very tough 5.7 known as Preppy’s Crack. This is a footwork intensive and delicate climb. In order to succeed one must balance and dance from hold to hold. Both Bob and Lisa got to the top in fine style.

Lisa on the belay and Bob about to fire the route!

Lisa stylin’ the moves on “The Ridge”

Bob high on the sunny wall.

Bob now enjoying the shade on Dirtago.

Lisa overcoming the challenging Preppy’s Crack.

Thanks to Bob and Lisa for a great half day! I hope Y’all enjoyed the rest of the day, and found some good swimming.

Matt Ritter

MMG Guide