Larry Goldie

Over the past ten days I worked for the AMGA with Larry Goldie of North Cascade Mountain Guides teaching 6 students guide skills on the AMGA Rock Instructor Course. This RIC is the first level multi pitch instructor course. The course is spread out over ten intense days, the curriculum is varied and in depth, and the venus host a variety of multi pitch rock climbs.

Rock Instructor Course (RIC)

The Rock Instructor Course (RIC), is the 1st step in the Rock Guide education and certification process and is designed for aspiring guides who have a strong rock climbing background and for instructors who are interested in improving their skills and increasing knowledge. The Rock Instructor Course places strong emphasis on maximizing client rewards while effectively managing risks.

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Eldorado Canyon is located just west of Boulder Colorado.

 The Eldorado Canyon gorge is narrow, the sandstone rock is steep and fractured, and the fast flowing river adds to the excitement. It’s amazing how just a few miles outside the Boulder city limits one can quickly climb on variety of high quality traditional rock climbs in such a surprisingly wild environment..

First photo views looking down canyon with West Ridge, the Redgarden Wall on left and Bastille formation on lower right.

Second photo host the amazing Naked Edge rock climb up the center rib.


The AMGA team!

First row – Brett (Estes Park), Andrew (NOLS), Matt (Seneca Rocks Climbing School)

Second row – Andrew (Outward Bound) Larry Goldie (North Cascades Mountain Guides) Colin (Apex Ex Guides)  Joe (NOLS)


Approaching the Front Range Flat Iron formations we climbed the second one.


Larry adding info to students during our daily morning guide meetings.

IMG_1177  IMG_1173


Rescue techniques for the Rock Instructor


Matt – ready to travel with kiwi coil,  providing a seated hip belay on a short down climb to start.


Joe leading our guide meeting on the final day.


Joe starting the Bastille Crack on a cold and windy morning.


Andrew taking the lead on the final pitch of Hand Cracker – Long John Wall.


 Andrew cruising on the climb.


Colin of Apex Ex Guides guiding the team on Long John Wall.


A close encounter for us!


Rocky Mountain meltwater – the river is raging at this time of year.

IMG_1180 IMG_1181

Using the I Phone – one technique to have  route topos and a description on hand.


Adam enjoying the varied climbing on Icarus.


Brett topping out on the final pitch of Icarus.


Fantastic times with a great group of guys.

Thank you all,

Art Mooney

AMGA IFMGA Licensed Guide