group rock climbs

Memorial Day weekend evokes images of lounging around on a warm spring day.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature must have misread the calendar.  Instead of bright, sunny skies, we have rain and mist with the temperatures in the 50s.  Despite the uncertain conditions, five climbers – Steve, Jared, Allie, Elliot, and Stephanie – ventured out on Sunday to try and get some climbing in. Hiking over fallen branches, we stopped at the Venus Wall, quickly realizing that it was a little too wet to climb.


Venus Wall or is it Poseidon’s Wall?
Crossing the stream, we headed to higher ground. After passing several wet crags along the way, we decided to warm up on Clip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah and hope that other rock dried.


Allie at the top of pitch one.


Stephanie working her way up the route.


Just a flesh wound…


Elliot at the top of Mom’s Pancake


Steve and Jared working their way up the rock


Elliot finishing up the pitch.

Thanks for a great day!
Todd  MMG Guide