Cannon Cliff Rock Climbs

Vivek and I teamed up on Saturday for a cragging day at Cannon Cliff. Though Cannon is known for hosting some of the best alpine multi-pitch climbing in the east, this thousand foot dome of exfoliating granite is also home to a slue of one and two pitch classics.

We started out on Slow and Easy, a wonderful 5.8 arching crack climb.

Then we went over to the Duet Buttress where we enjoyed two pitches of super classy 5.7 climbing. Pitch one laybacks, jams, and stems up a beautiful corner system. Pitch two starts off with a tough move off the belay followed by some enjoyable off-width on great rock.

We then headed to the Conn Buttress, home to the formidable and famous Reppy’s Crack, one of the purest, clean hand cracks in the east. This pitch is not to be underestimated, as it is burly, and puts a hurt on the ankles if one does not move with assertiveness

To finish off the already full day, we ran a lap on Sinister Satisfaction. The name says it all for this one. Put your friends on this climb and tell them it is 5.8. Soon you too will be giggling with Sinister Satisfaction as they make rounded insecure layback moves that feel a little more like 5.9.

Another great day on the Big Cliff.

We didn’t quite get our fill on Saturday so we returned the next day with Abhinav to climb the Whitney Gillman Ridge. It was a beautiful and very windy day. Just hearing each other was a challenge but we were graced with a mosquito and black flyless climb. We were first in line for the route despite our long winded philosophical conversation on the approach. We made good time to the top and enjoyed easy chatter and each other’s presence on the descent.                      

Thanks to Abhinav and Vivek for a great weekend of adventure in New Hampshire. We hope to see y’all again soon.
Matt Ritter
MMG Guide