Yesterday, the climbing team from Milton Academy came to North Conway to get a multi-pitch experience. When they arrived is was sunny with seasonable (comfortable) temperatures. As we started up the cliff clouds began to role in and by the time we reached the top a full-on snow squall was upon us. It felt like climbing in an alpine environment and it couldn’t have been any more perfect.


Another shot of the Conway Scarecrow and sun on the cliff.


Squall rolling in.


Topping out as the snow began to fall.


Climbing fast to avoid the weather.

The two students I was climbing with not only topped out on Cathedral, they also had a lesson on predicting weather in the field. Even though the “smart” phone said all was clear, all the¬†signs were there that an unstable airmass was moving down the valley. I communicated this to the students and our game plan changed a little, opting for an easier route to the top in order to move more quickly. In the end, when my predictions were correct the students got a real time lesson in forecasting weather from the field, and we were all glad to be on top under the trees watching the squall go by.

Thanks Milton for an Awesome Day on the Rock

Alex Teixeira

MMG Guide