Yes its true the ice has taken shape at Rumney Rocks NH. This south facing crag needs colder temperatures to come into shape and this last arctic blast did the trick. Matt and I spent the last two days climbing the classic steep ice lines. We found good conditions on all routes. These cold nights should keep the routes in shape and even fatten them up a bit. Enjoy the photos of MMG Guide Matt Ritter on the sharp end at Rumney NH.

Matt up high on the Geographic Factor NEI 5.  Great climbing with a short overhanging feel at the crux.

Matt on the steep Barbados at the Meadows area.

Looks like floating on the ice.

Another one of the steep pillars at Rumney.

Its great to be out at the home crag again and now its looking good for the next few weeks.

Enjoy the ice while its here.

Art Mooney