For some time I have reached a plateau in climbing. Early in the season I work up to a certain level then do not break through to the higher grades. I have a burning desire to climb at a higher level and have realized that this will not happen unless I Stay On Track with a focused training and fitness workout during the off season and each week through out the year.

They may look small but they work.

Matt and I have designed a current plan that will have us peaking just in time early spring rock climbing. Our focused indoor workouts are for two hours twice a week, in addition we are running and climbing.

Homemade parallettes puts the focus on the core.

No matter how I look at it climbing it requires a high level of fitness. I am scaling vertical or overhanging walls of rock and ice. Climbing requires a very good overall fitness level, including exceptional grip strength, a strong core and last but not least is the cardio which must be included.

Specific movements on this 45 degree angle.

As I look out ahead to the winter ice and spring rock season I am excited. This will be the season to reach new heights climbing exceptional routes with good friends.

Try staying on this for ten minutes.

Stay tuned for updates on Fitness and Training with MMG.

Art Mooney