Right after my returned from the sunny and warm south west I was treated to a cold moist day on the Willys Slide. This was the beginning of a six day technical training session for a group of visiting PJ’s. Over the six days Alain Comeau lead this group through a series of train ups followed by practical sessions on the ice, the cliffs and over the rivers. I was along to assist and be the other set of eyes keeping the group on target with these new and highly technical skills.


A modified self arrest – note slider is picking up axe on the move.


Snow anchors – these should be the last of the season on Willys.


Ice bollard for rappels.


The twin rescue system in action.


Twin system on the top of Cathedral Ledge.


Getting started with the English Reeve system .


English Reeve system in action over the gorge.

Thanks to Alain and the men from the pararescue squad – it was a great week of learning with some additional fun hack sessions.

Art Mooney