Sisters Ceira and Ari have been visiting the town of Rumney since they were little girls, staying at their family’s summer home on Stinson Lake. Until this week, though, they had never climbed on the cliffs that make this quaint New England town world famous in the climbing community. With a taste for climbing developed while away at college in Vermont, Ceira decided it was time to introduce her sister to the sport and check out the cliffs around their summer hang out. We couldn’t have lucked out with a better day!



With this being the view on the approach, I knew it was going to be a gorgeous day on the cliffs. As is standard for these fall days, it was warm and glorious in the sun, and a touch chilly in the shade!


This was a special day for both girls as Ari got to do her first ever climb outdoors, and Ceira got to share in the excitement by doing her first ever lead on the same route. After a bit of a warm up we talked about leading skills over lunch and then set up Ceira on the sharp end. With her first successful lead under her belt, the girls then set up and cleaned a route entirely on their own, building confidence for the day when they hope to come out to rumney on their own.


With the day coming to a close, we finished up on a perennial favorite. Begginer’s Route is the perfect intro climb or wrap up climb. I often describe it as pure bliss. With a fun array of hold types and moves, secure feet and engaging but not overly challenging, this route always brings a smile to my face, and I have yet to have a guest react differently!



As always, we’re grateful to our guests for choosing us to help them explore or enter the world of rock climbing!

Thanks so much, Ceira and Ari!

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Erik Thatcher