Superb weather, fantastic alpine and ice climbing, and motoring up Mt Washington all made this MMG climbing sampler another excellent adventure for the starting players of the Peppercom/Cody team. We did miss one player Mark aka Renaissance Man but a new player came off the bench – Sean aka Rookie of the Year did not only join in for the fun Sean crushed it!

Sean started off the weekend with steep grade 3 and 4 ice climbs, learned about 4:30am alpine starts the next day and to complete the game he stayed true by getting the final goal – topping out on Mt Willard in icy cold temperatures with a sharp wind frosting up our faces and numbing our hands.


Sean looking cool, calm and collected on Lower Hitchcock Gully.

Happy Birthday to Sean!


Holster your weapon Sean.


Sean at spring climbing camp – learning quickly about footwork and balance.


Another Mt Washington summit for the team on a beautiful day. The 7th time on top for RepMan

The Team – (left to right) Egyption Stallion, RepMan, Sean Dawg, Eric, The Gale Force, and Crusher Cody.


Repman – contemplating his next move.


Adel leading the team to the top!


On our way to the alpine area Hitchcock, Monkey Wrench and East Slabs of Willard.


Thumbs up – the day just keeps getting better.


Adel on the deck after sending the steep ice climb called the Red Headwall.


Making good time all in sync on the Ammo Trail.


 Mt Willard.


Sean and Chris ready for the action to begin.


Chris sporting the Go Pro – sure would like to see the footage.


A big Thank You to Steve and the Peppercom team for another great game in NH.

Thanks to the MMG Guides Erik Thatcher, Eric Marshall, and Jim Gagne.

Art Mooney