Today was a hot and humid day. Not the best weather for sending a project but a good day to work on and refine movements on difficult sport routes. I think of today as a training day, a day to learn the moves, to refine the routes,  to be ready for the return of cool temperatures and crisp rock.

Aubrey and I went to the Five 8 Crag and did just that. We choose a few of the steep, technical routes in the 5.10 and 5.11 range to project on. Progress was made on each line and we will be back in a few weeks to check in again. Each time we return the goal is to push our limit a bit further until we finally can send the route in good style. Who knows how long it will take, we will keep at the goal and have fun along the way.

Romancing the Stone 5.10c – a steep, technical climb

IMG_1612 Down and full of sweat after a good push on the route.


Bolt and Run 5.9+ – a tough bulge mid way spits many a climber into the air.


Aubrey getting ready for the first crux.


Aubrey enjoying the steep schist at Rumney Rocks.

A great day in the heat of the summer.

Thanks Aubrey

Art Mooney