For anyone who was been watching the weather lately, you know that it has been bone chilling cold up on Mount Washington. Han has had his eye on doing a winter presidential traverse for some time. However, due to frigid weather conditions recently we had to postpone his original trip dates. Fortunately, Han did have a flexible schedule and when it looked like we could catch a break in the weather we decide to go for it. Although it was still cold we were able to pull off the feat. Han also wanted to stand on top of every peak along the way which adds another stage of difficulty. Between the cold bitter weather, tough bullet proof snow, and long days. Han was able to reach his goal.


Wintry weather above treeline.


Level platforms were hard to find in the bullet hard ice and snow


View from Mt Adams to Mt Washington


Full loads for this trip – 50 lbs.


Han and Jim on Mt Washington.


Han bagging Presidential summits along the way.


The southern Presidential Range


Han on Mt Pierce.


Heading down the Crawford Path.

Congratulations Han for a job well done!

Thanks –  Jim Gagne -MMG Guide