Mountain Travel in the Time of COVID-19

Mountain Travel in the Time of COVID-19 Past: Where to begin…  a little over eight weeks ago on my last day of work on Mt. Williard at the top of Crawford Notch, NH. It was St. Patrick’s Day, and at this point I had been anxious about the Corona Virus for weeks. Not scared, but […]

30 Pitch Project: Episode 2

Episode Two: The Training Effect Brought to you by Burgeon Outdoor: Mountain Made   Since the beginning, at least this is what my parents tell me, movement has been the language that I spoke best. At first it didn’t really matter what mode, but as a toddler the world is so new. So many connections […]

30 Pitch Project: Episode One

30 Pitch Project: Episode One   For more than half my life, yes I can say that now, climbing has first of all been my creative outlet. I don’t paint, play music, act, take photos with a creative eye, or anything else in the artistic category. So, climbing it is. All the aspects of traveling […]