This weekend Milton Academy students ventured north to sample some of Rumney’s finest.  Venturing away from the crimpy, vertical, polished rock of the Quincy Quarries, the students were anxious to test their abilities on some overhanging routes.  Heading out early in the morning, the group made it to the parking lot early enough to beat the crowds.  We headed up to the Armed and Dangerous wall to check out some of the steeper moderates.  Despite the cold temps, sharp rocks, and numb fingers, the group climbed well.  After they crushed The Big Easy, Toxic Gumbo, and Metamorphosis, we set up Armed and Dangerous, which presented a solid challenge for a number of the climbers.


Cameron grabbing the opening jug on The Big Easy


Malcolm working his way up the corner of Metamorphosis


Izzy provided a solid belay with the gri gri



Erik trying to warm his fingers up before the pumpy finish to Armed and Dangerous


Matt checking out the upcoming moves on The Big Easy


After a short lunch break, we headed down to the Meadows and were surprised to see a few classic lines open and available.  Despite some fatigue, the group tested their skills on more overhanging Hippos on Parade, Lies and Propaganda, and No Money Down.


Izzy pulling through the crux of Lies and Propaganda

malcom                                                     352

Malcom crossing through on No Money Down                                        Rick chalking up

Thanks to the group for their motivation and positive energy and a fantastic day on the rock!

Todd Goodman