This is a special time of year! Spring conditions in the mountains are great for ice climbing, mountaineering, and skiing, and the valleys are perfect on these sunny days for rock climbing, cycling, and coffee shops.  We are getting our first real glimpse of Spring and our happy reminder to take full advantage of our ephemeral ice climbs. Kinsman Notch was a gleaming ball of sunshine in the morning, sunglasses were almost mandatory. It was awesome and so warm! As the shade took over the crag it became a good deal colder, but we stayed warm as we sampled Kinsman Notch ice climbing at its best. The ice is in very full and was nice and buttery due to the warmer temps. I had the privilege of climbing with four great folks. This friend and family outing was a blast! Amanda, Diane, and the two Daves go to swing ice tools for the first time, learning the new and rewarding techniques for ascending steep waterfall ice. Sometimes they even climbed with one ice tool, a few of them got to climb with three! Occasionally an ice tool gets left in the middle of a hard route and needs to be rescued but we came home with all six! Great job to everyone, and thanks to you all for a great day! Enjoy!


Thanks again for a super fun day! Hope you all enjoyed and learned as much as I did!

MMG Guide

Matt Ritter