Jonathan and Jackie joined Mooney Mountain Guides for a half day  afternoon rock climbing adventure at Rumney Rocks. Sunday was the perfect day to be outside hiking and climbing in the White Mountains. Our rock climbing tour began with a leisure warm up hike up to the Jimmy Cliff area. The route called Clip a Dee Doo Dah was our objective. Clip a Dee Doo Dah is an inviting beginner climb that takes a direct line up the lower angle slabs to a high point on Rattlesnake Mountain. This was Jonathans and Jackies first outdoor climb at Rumney and they were excited –  they both climbed easily and quickly following my leads to the top. Once back at the base we roped up once again for a second climb on Pine Tree Crack. Two climbs to the top with amazing views of the Baker River Valley below brought smiles to us all.


Great times on the rocks with Jackie and Jonathan!!!


Climbing high on Clip a Dee Doo Dah.

 IMG_1363  IMG_1367

Knots to tie, ropes to manage, belaying the leader. Jonathan took on these tasks with ease.

IMG_1370 IMG_1373

Climbing up Pitch Two and the Summit attained. Nice work.


Jackie on our last climb at the Meadows Area – steeper rock and lots of climbers.

Thanks to Jackie and Jonathan for joining me at Rumney Rocks. It is always a good time meeting new guests and taking them on a first time climbing experience outdoors on the rocks.

Art Mooney