Where were you when the nor-easter Nemo struck? Well 6 brave climbers took the storm head on just to spend the night on top on Mount Washington. Everyone was challenged in their own way. Between the cold, steep and difficult terrain, blowing snow and the poor visibility. It didn’t stop this team from obtaining there goal. It sure was nice to push up through this storm of the century and be welcomed at the observatory building. Good food, friendly atmosphere, and most of all a warm place to lay your head down for some rest after a tough day…. But this is only half of the story. What laid ahead for this brave team was going down the next day. Because of the increasing snow and winds the avalanche danger was a concern. It was a long day but the auto road was the safest bet to get down. Through snow drifts and blowing snow whiteout conditions, 11 miles later everyone was back at Pinkham.


 Pinkham Notch – start of the OBS trip.


Steep climbing on Lions head Trail.


Matt Ritter leading the team above treeline.


Summit – before the blizzard.


Mt Washington OBS – dinner, bed, and breakfast.


Inside the OBS.


Whiteout on the auto road.


Working the drifts.


Down and out.


 Nice push guys.

Jim Gagne – MMG Guide