Mooney Mountain Guides!

These great photos are part of our NH guide team. I arranged this day to take a group photo of the guides in their new Ultimate Hoody Jackets from Mammut and as a general information gathering and training session. Missing are a few other guides from NH -Todd from Plymouth, Bob from Portsmouth, Majka, and Mike from the North Conway area and the Vermont guides Derek and Derrek.

Each spring and fall MMG schedules a training session for the guide team. Having all of us in one spot churning up the information is mandatory to have a  group of guides that are on a similar page with MMG info and all the types of mountain training and guiding we do in the field.

You may have thought we get together working frequently but thats not the case. Much of the time the guides are working alone in the field. This goes on all over the country and world in mountain guiding. Frequent get togethers are well needed for quality control. At the same time its surely a fun way to get out with other guides and do what we all love – our passion.

To Climb!

Eric, Phil, Alex, Art, Matt Erik Jim

Eric roping up for Hanging by a Moment.

Phil and Erik off and climbing.

Matt – trying to get one of us to climb his new route Pot Of Mold.


Jim happy on the ice or the mountain!

Phil – the red man.

Jim – the man of many jobs.

Me getting on Pot of Gold – a short steep pillar.

Thank you for all the guides taking their time to get together for this day. I / MMG is very fortunate to have each of you on the MMG team.

Art Mooney