Yes it was a holiday and there were tons of climbers around NH but it was a fine holiday weekend on the ice. Jim, Eric, Mike and I enjoyed meeting and climbing with the Cleveland Ohio area Meet Up Group. The entire weekend was a blast – a fun experience for all with lots of education and practice on technical steep ice climbs then on Willeys Slide a multi pitch alpine climb.

Kinsman was our first choice to ease the team onto the ice. This cold day was spent climbing numerous single pitch slabs and pillars from NEI Grade 3 to 4. Our second day started early to avoid any crowds at Willeys. The plan worked as we topped we counted over 55 folks at the base or on the route. Could possibly be a record for the Willeys Side – who knows. After Willeys the Elephant Head Gully was located on own way home so we stopped for sure so each of the climbers could take a run on this varied and interesting climb.

Rob, Cat, Mark, Scott, Jen, Lauren, and Jack on approach to Kinsman Notch.

The ice cave – nice spot to take a rest.

Pot of Gold – steep hooking up the pillar of ice.

Cat on the pillar – Pot of Gold.

Three ladies ready for the icing at Kinsman Notch.

Jim telling the tale of Willeys Slide.

Jim – our motivational mountain guide.

Jen learning about the ice, anchors and protection as she climbs and cleans the route.

Lauren and cat on Willys.

Scott clearing the ice bulge high on the climb.

Lauren in Scenic Crawford Notch NH.

Rob – first up for the Elephant Head Gully of ice.

The rainbow of outdoor clothing!

Thanks to each of you for climbing with Mooney Mountain Guides in NH.

Great times for us.

Art, Jim, Erik, Mike – MMG Guides