Upper Refuse is the perfect rock climb to introduce climbers to the granite crack climbs at Cathedral Ledge. Given the past rain and potentially wet rock Janice and I drove to the top of Cathedral and approached the Refuse climb via the tree ledge. We began our days with two objectives, our first was to climb a variety of routes and the second was for Janice to gain confidence and take on the leading role. Following me up the routes is what most guests enjoy on a guided day but for Janice she was looking for the next step – leading.

Being the leader of a rock climb requires a focused mindset and a solid foundation of movement skills. The climber must be in control as they design the protection, the anchors, and the belays on the climb. This may sound easy but once you are out in front the climb and movements take on a much different feel.

Janice and I enjoyed two fine days on the rocks. Cracks climbs, leading, and a few of the classic crack routes entertained our minds while we exercised our bodies.


Janice opening the day on Upper Refuse.


Learning the craft of placement of cams and stoppers in granite cracks.


Exposed finale pitch – high above Cathedral Pines


Funhouse – Janice taking up the rope.


Leaving the belay on pitch three.


Excellent rock climbing, good protection opportunities = a very fun day out.


Thanks Janice for coming down to the states to climb. Hello to Sparky for me when you get back home.

Art Mooney