Today the Team took a new direction in the Red Rock area – a session at the Kraft Boulders. Armed with two pads we warmed up at the Wake Up Wall and then sampled a few nearby classic boulder problems. Potato Chips was a steep one that tested Derek and Art’s  crimps strength and the Poker Chips overhanging hand rail with left heel hooks was dispatched by Mark and Chris. Kraft is an amazing place full of all types of boulder problems.


Deivis traversing the warm up boulder.


Mark getting after one of the days high ball problems


Steve enjoying a well deserved rest after 5 days straight on the rock.


Here is a re-energized Steve with three great 5.9 runs on the Conundrum Crag routes.


Chris sending everything that comes his way – 5.10 tomorrow!


Elbow pain didn’t keep Adel down on this impressive attempt on the 45 degree wall.


Mark may have gotten a pump today?


Deivis working the complete loop traverse.


A Friendly Chuckwalla

 Thanks to the team for a great day at the Kraft and Conundrum crag.

MMG Guides – Art And Derek