Each year as the fall rock season winds down Terry and I travel to southern areas for an attempt to extend the warm weather into November and December. The winter is long enough in NH so this extension of the fall rock season is just what we need.

Kalymnos has been on the radar for quite a while and this fall was the right time for us to go. The journey is a long one – after 24 hours of planes, ferries, and taxis we landed in a small hotel in the seaside port of Masuri on the Greek Island of Kalymnos.

Let the climbing begin. The access is quite easy – a short walk led us to the main areas around the Grand Grotto and the second more fun option was the Scooter rental for the cliffs scattered around the island.

We climbed for 11 days at a variety of areas and never repeated a route. This two week trip was a good amount of time but the next time we go back we will try for three weeks. The limestone rock was sharp on the slab routes and very soft on the steep tufa type routes. All the routes were well maintained with solid bolts and quick clip anchors.

Enjoy the photos of our trip!!!

Grand Grotto

Terry on lead at the Ghost Kitchen area.

Route info along the base.

Well supplied with Mammut ropes and equipment  and Five Ten shoes.

Fun traveling on the Scooters.

Climbers Nest a local hangout.

Greek food – fresh and delicious.

The team.

Each night we were treated to a beautiful sunset over the Island of Teledonus.

Absolutley amazing!!!

Art Mooney