The Huntington’ Ravine trail is the steepest trail to the alpine gardens area of Mt Washington. Dayton and Andrew had this trail on their mind for some time now. Both had researched the trail with written accounts – descriptions and they even found a You tube video of the climb. Dayton decided this would be his route up to the alpine gardens area then onward to the Lake of the Clouds Hut to spend the night. I was excited for this day – its not often for me to be in the ravine during the summer. A change of the office location would be good and the weather finally had given us a break.

Conditions were good to go!


Huntington Ravine

IMG_1581 Dayton and Andrew on the approach.


Talus fields – boulders everywhere up to the wall.


Andrew – he was truly amazed at this awesome climbing area.


Summer view of Pinnacle Gully.


Our first pitch – steep slabs with wet rock made for some interesting movement.


I used a 100 foot rope to belay Dayton and Andrew. No harness just bowlines around the waist. This kept are backpacks light for the climb.


Dayton on his toughest climb yet – he loved the experience.


Clouds and a cool breeze on the alpine gardens.


We arrived at the Lion head Junction at 2pm.

Dayton and Andrew headed over to Lakes for the night and I descended down to Pinkham.

Great climb in the ravine.

Art Mooney