This past Thursday RJ, Matt and I went up to Cannon to climb on Hassigs or Fafnir. The day was calm and quite warm it was a perfect time to check out one of the more difficult lines. We arrived at the base of the cliff and Hassigs looked to be in shape. There would be a section of mixed climbing then the pitch ended with a very steep headwall of ice. Matt was excited to get on this pitch. RJ took the first lead up to the belay on the right side. Matt took over and with a solid head worked his way up the crux pitch. Matt never missed a step, his climbing was solid, secure and protection was good. Matt sent the pitch and RJ and I enjoyed a fun ride on top rope.

RJ on the approach.

Matt warming up for his pitch – Hassigs.

RJ leading up to the first belay spot, the first pitch was in very good condition with lots of ice.

Matt looking solid on the test piece pitch – Hassigs.

Great day out with the guides.

Art Mooney