Glacier Travel and more.

It’s a lot of information for ones grey matter to take in. Four days of knowledge in two days is a circuit over load for anybody. When you are looking to plan a trip that requires a variation of so many skills such as what it might take to plan a trip, altitude concerns, belaying, rappelling, setting up tents, the importance of  good kitchen skills, rescue skills, snow anchors and much, much more.  It can be difficult to take in so much information in just a short period of time.  In order to maintain everything we learned we all must keep doing the same thing……Practice, practice and practice.  Did I mention we saw Fred Beckey too.

P1060355  P1060357

P1060365 P1060382 P1060383 P1060385

P1060396 P1060399 P1060402 P1060409 P1060410 P1060415

Technical systems galore.


 Taking the skills up the climb.


The group still smiling after two long days.

IMG_0952 (2)

Did I  mention we saw Fred Beckey!

Thanks Nick, Ethan, Justin and Jenna for a great two days

Jim Gagne – MMG Guide