The transition from indoor climbing to the outdoor climbing world can be a challenge to the mind and to the body. The climbing routes are longer, the holds are permanent, and the routes are more difficult to view. Another view is you are outside on real rock, climbing, with fresh air and sunshine. There are a vast variety of climbs and areas to visit.  Going to new areas to challenging ones self to rise to new heights is in itself is an awesome experience


Charlie made the journey to Rumney Rocks yesterday. By days end he was a tired but very happy climber.

IMG_2002 IMG_2006 IMG_2009

Through out the day we climbed a variety of routes. Face and slabs opened up the morning, then by mid day we got after some of the steeper overhanging routes. Charlies day ended with a strong finish on the Arete 5.10C and the Holderness Crack 5.8.


A healthy lunch for us – hummus and pita bread.

 Eating good food and drinking plenty of water are essential to staying energized during a day at Rumney Rocks.

 IMG_2010  IMG_2015

Charlie climbing the technical Lies and Propaganda 5.9 and the Holderness Crack 5.8.

Thank you Charlie – it was a very fun day showing you around one of my favorite climbing areas.

Art Mooney