Rock climbing may seem like an individual sport, and it can be. However, those who climb may begin to see that climbers are like one big family. For one family, climbing is a way to get together and spend some time outdoors. Anne and her daughter Meghan decided to spend their time together at Rumney. It was a beautiful warm sunny day. We decided to walk up high to enjoy the sun and the breeze. Anne and Meaghan climbed some classic routes, like Nuthatch and Junco cheering each other on. Our group climbed a few other routes to gain some height and enjoy our surroundings. Its hard to beat a relaxing day on the rocks with family.

IMG_2297 IMG_2301

Meghan on Junco & Anne at a belay on Clippedy

Thanks Anne and Meghan for spending your time with MMG.

Alex Teixeira