It was the first day of summer also NH’s first heat wave. Rumney was the place to be with belays spots and climbing routes in the shade of the forest. I was quite surprised at how comfortable the climbing was with temps in the mid nineties through the day. Aubrey and I worked the cliff in both directions and logged in ten pitches of climbing. Just enough to drain our energy and tenderize our finger tips.

Aubrey on the Arete 5.10+

Egg McMeadows 5.10a the Parking Lot Wall.

Meadows Area left side – Dung Beetle 5.8

Easy Terms 5.8

Aubrey after the crux of the intricate Easy Terms.

If you trying to escape the heat of summer try out the shaded routes at Rumney on a hot day, you may be surprised.

Thanks Aubrey.

Art Mooney