Wow today was a brisk, windy day on Cannon. Hats, gloves and all the clothing layers we had were used to keep us warm. Reppys Crack was a tough 1st pitch Рnumb hands and the painful foot jams were exasperated in the 45 degree temps. Kate and I recovered at the belay and push on for the top. We climbed and kept our focus as Moby is a sustained 5.8 route with multiple cruxes throughout the 9 or so pitches. The winds subsided for a few hours helping us out but as we topped out at 2:45 the breeze picked up again. Today was not a day to lounge around on the rock it was a day to move efficiently and get the climbing done. Kate and I kept in cruise mode all the way from the bottom to the parking lot.

It was a truly awesome day on the big cliff.

Thanks to Kate – she has been climbing and training for 4 months – great to see her on Moby Grape and enjoying this alpine day in the White Mountains.

Art Mooney