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Jill, mother of the Giacalone family hit one of those milestone birthdays this year. The kind where you get to suggest any kind of birthday gift you’d like, and be sure that you’ll get it. So what did this mom of an adventurous family of 5 ask for? A day out on the rock with her family!

Brother and sister climbing both variations of Beginner's Route

Brother and sister climbing both variations of Beginner’s Route

With a cousin/nephew tagging along, I was able to take 6 of the Giacalone’s out for a nice morning at Rumney NH. We were able to set up both variations of Beginner’s Route at the Meadows so the whole family could climb next to each other, 2 at a time.

Glenn stepping outside of his comfort zone. What a good husband!

Glenn stepping outside of his comfort zone. What a good husband!

Not only did Glenn, the patriarch of the family, bring everyone up here for this experience, but he stepped well out of his comfort zone to be a part of the experience that his wife wanted to share with her whole family. Its hard to see folks struggling with their fears, but at the same time it makes for the sweetest victories, when you also get see them push through those fears and tackle what they can.

The whole family cheering on Glenn

The whole family cheering on Glenn

This was one of the most supportive group of guests I have encountered. It was awesome to see them cheer each other on and relate their own experiences of pushing through fears or obstacles to encourage their brother/sister/ father/ mother/child push through as well. I spent a lot of the morning sitting back in awe at the positive atmosphere.

photo 5

It sounds like the Giacalone family shares outdoor adventures frequently, from Acadia ME to Moab UT. Thanks for visiting Rumney NH this time, and doing so with Mooney Mountain Guides. I was thrilled to be a part of this family outing and wish you guys many more fun ones in the future!

Erik Thatcher

MMG Guide



It was a pleasure to climb with Mike and Luke today at Cathedral and Whitehorse Cliffs. Both these guys are experienced climbers which made our day flow very fluidly. We started at Whitehorse to regain our footwork (precise movements) then we ventured over to Cathedral to play on two crack lines. By days end I felt we found the Beat as we ended up climbing 10+ pitches and took the final route to the top.


Early morning at a wet Whitehorse. I spied a dry line that went directly up to the bolts on the third pitch of Sliding Board.


Luke climbing fast and light.


Mike revisiting his old playground.


Our highpoint on Whitehorse. We descended from here – three rappels landed us on the ground.


The country club scene on the approach.


Time for some steep climbing – here is Luke on pitch one of Fun House.


Mike on the cracks and corners of Fun House.


The climbing is varied and fun – Fun House to Black Lung is a great link up to the top.


Luke flying high over the Mt Washington Valley.


Along with the climbing a few new techniques were getting attention. Mike is working on the butterfly coil.

Thanks to Mike and Luke for this day – its was a privilege to climb with both of you. I look forward to seeing you gain soon.

Art Mooney

Hurricane Author might have dropped a significant amount of rain on the North East on Friday, but that didn’t stop the Buzanis’s from a great day of climbing on Saturday. The cool damp morning kept the crowds away giving us first go on the classic climb “Upper Refuse”.

Upon topping out the tourists looking down the cliff saw our team coming up. What an exciting way to top-out on Cathedral, with a clapping audience.

The excitement wasn’t over. After lunch on top of the cliff, we headed to the Thin Air Face for 400 more feet of climbing before the day was done. By then the rock was dry and a cool breeze was sweeping down the valley, a perfect afternoon of rock climbing. All together a spectacular day.


Starting the day with a beautiful view of Whitehorse Ledge


Topping out on Upper Refuse


Lounging around on top of Upper Refuse


The audience


Pre-rigged on Rappel

Alex Teixeira

For Roberto, Ariel, and Jonah rock climbing was a new adventure. The trio headed to Rumney Rocks, just down the street from their home, tied in, and gave it their best shot. The family learned to belay, communicate, and move over the steep new terrain. Challenge and success were experienced. If perfect strangers who climb together can form strong relationships, imagine what can happen when a family climbs together. For this family their experience was enjoyable enough to come back for a second day. Two days in one week, made this family go from novice climbers to doubling the difficulty of the climbs they could do. I look forward to see the new adventures this family experiences together.


The family on their first multi-pitch adventure!


Rock Climbs provide great views.


All smiles at the end of a great week.

Alex Teixeira

Ridge running has always been one of my favorite workout activities. Putting on the trail shoes, carrying a small pack with the essentials, and moving light and fast gives a feeling of a free spirit in the mountains. Lightweight travel and quick moves over boulder strewn trails leave the miles behind as one runs along the trails and ridges in the high peaks.

The Whitney Gilman Ridge is another type of ridge running adventure. The vertical 5th class kind! The game is played in a similar way, lightweight gear, efficient movements, and quick transitions all add up to topping out on the ridge in a short amount of time. The Whitney Gilman Ridge route is positioned along an exposed knife edge of stone, the route wanders back and forth with moments of exceptional exposure over the dark north wall. The route is somewhat committing as descending is  not an easy task – there is certainly an excitement factor on this climb. This is Cannon and getting to the top in a timely way is the common goal.


The Whitney Gilman – 600ft of technical 5th class climbing.

IMG_3106 Shaping up to be a fine day on the stone.


Bill – happy to be back on Cannon!!!


Today we had a slight breeze and light cloud cover – this kept conditions quite nice on this hazy, hot, and humid day.

IMG_3117 IMG_3121 IMG_3135

Team Mammut in action – Grib coming over the exposed pipe pitch, great vistas of the Lafayette Ridge from this spacious belay ledge, and Grib on the final corner pitch.


Pitch 5 has a steep corner system – excellent climbing high on Cannon.


The pitch 5 exposed belay station perch.


 Great times – back in action on Cannon.


What a fantastic climbing area – right in our backyard of NH.

Cannon Mountain!!!

Art Mooney


The birthday girl high above Mt. Washington Valley

For Emma’s 15th birthday she requested a day of rock climbing in New Hampshire, more specifically North Conway. I can’t blame her, as it how I’ve spent my five last birthdays. Theres something about climbing beautiful face, crack, and slab climbs with family. To a climber, what could be better. Coming from Illinois and being among these large cliffs, it must have been truly awesome.


Emma, on the cracks of the North End


The family watching Dad on the cliff

Emma, her brother Jack, Dad Pierre, and Mom Cathy all took turns climbing the Cathedral Ledge Granite. Each climbing higher and faster than they personally expected. Although the day started on short easy routes, our team’s confidence and skill quickly progressed, and soon we were standing 200 feet above the ground.


Emma and Jack 200 feet above the ground

To conclude the beautiful day of climbing we had all enjoyed, we headed to Cathedral’s “North End” to test ourselves on one of the challenging cracks. With a short lesson on crack climbing technique, Emma and Jack seemed to fly up the climb. Tired and happy, our group walked back to our cars, admiring the cliffs we had just climbed.


Thin Air Face – what our team was climbing on

Thank you Emma for sharing your birthday with us. Thank you to everyone for an beautiful day at Cathedral Ledge.

Alex Teixeira

The Flatirons dominant the skyline high above Boulder on the slopes of the Rockies. These unusual formations of stone are numbered 1,2,3 and all are climbed regularly by Boulderites and visiting climbers.


Steve arrived in town and Flatiron number 1 was our first objective. Our choice of routes today weaved up the center of the wall and offered over 1 thousand feet of mindful movements in 10 pitches of varied roped climbing.


Steve giving the thumbs up to the Flatiron. There would be no wrinkles on this ascent – we pressed onward to the base.

IMG_2975 IMG_2977

Special times – breaking in the new rope.

This Mammut Revelation rope is a beauty and will be treated with care.

IMG_2982 IMG_2985

Today we went for comfort and performance and both of us chose to wear our new Five Ten – Guide Tennis shoes. These shoes went right into action, sticking to the stone. A great choice of climbing footwear for the moderate routes, much more than the so called approach shoe.


Learning the ropes, clove hitches, belays techniques and protection.


At the top of the face is an alpine style ridge. Here Steve is breaking down the anchor ready for the summit bid.


Our early start paid off big. The early morning approach was quiet and peaceful then the masses of climbers and hikers arrived. No worries for us we were on top for the day.


High above Boulders open space lands.


First Flatiron climbed, next stop Eldorado Canyon.

Great warm up day for Steve and I – let the fun times continue!!!

 Art Mooney


Rock climbing may seem like an individual sport, and it can be. However, those who climb may begin to see that climbers are like one big family. For one family, climbing is a way to get together and spend some time outdoors. Anne and her daughter Meghan decided to spend their time together at Rumney. It was a beautiful warm sunny day. We decided to walk up high to enjoy the sun and the breeze. Anne and Meaghan climbed some classic routes, like Nuthatch and Junco cheering each other on. Our group climbed a few other routes to gain some height and enjoy our surroundings. Its hard to beat a relaxing day on the rocks with family.

IMG_2297 IMG_2301

Meghan on Junco & Anne at a belay on Clippedy

Thanks Anne and Meghan for spending your time with MMG.

Alex Teixeira

A big shout out is in store for the MMG guides.

Thanks very much for attending the spring training day this season. This day is where and when the MMG Guide team gets together to Raise the Bar. By reviewing our practices, discussing new techniques, lots of hands on with new and previous skills, and general fun times cragging on the rocks the team comes together and tightens up the MMG guiding operation.


L to R: Derrek Anderson, Phil Thalheimer,Derek Doucet,Steve Cooney, Alex Teixeira, Todd Goodman, and Mike Leathem

Missing – not forgotten are: Erik Thatcher, Jim Gagne, Matt Shove.

Our Sponsors Mammut, Julbo, Five Ten – came through again – in a big way!!!

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Mammut Kala Patter Tech Jacket


Julbo Stunt Eyewear


Five Ten – The Guide Tennie


On approach to Jimmy Cliff area.


Discussing the descent  technique options.

 IMG_2818 IMG_2842 IMG_2817

MMG’s team – we have been together for many years which says a lot.

Good friends, good times = good guiding and instruction.

 IMG_2821 IMG_2823

The Gi Gi and the Connecticut Hitch


Phil managing the station and transitioning to the descent.

Great day getting together – Thank you all.

Art Mooney

Yesterday was an absolutely stellar day of the stone. Brilliant sunshine, a light breeze, crisp dry rock gave Jerry and I the go ahead for sports action on Whitehorse. The Julbo Stunt glasses were on board to keep the glare out of my eyes – my guide job for the day was to assist Jerry in leading the way to the top. I needed a good visual from below to point out a few key placements on the sparsely protected route – a Whitehorse specialty.


Pitch one starting off the launch pad – easy slabs lead to the anchor 150 feet up and right.


Jerry keeping his focus on the typical long run outs on moderate terrain.


Simple anchors on the bolted station were solid and fast to set and remove.


Taking this place for Granted – never – a special area for all to enjoy.

IMG_2741 IMG_2753

BD Cams placed in good solid rock, surface area excellent and direction of pull considered.


Crystal pocket belay area.


Headed out to Lunch ledge – long runout on easy terrain leads to great gear before the steep climbing.


Mammut Twilight Ropes – perfect for this climb. Light system, allows options for rappels, slides easily through belay devices. A first choice of mine for multi pitch routes.

IMG_2757 IMG_2758

Jerry and I on top – enjoying views on the valley and Mt Washington in the distance.

Mammut – Innovative Rock and Alpine equipment  for all our climbs.

 Julbo – The World needs your vision!!!

Art Mooney