This winter has been on the warmer side but I have no complaints. Today the conditions on Cannon were mighty fine. The Black Dike is full of ice from the bottom to top. The temps were in the mid twenties, a light breeze, and the ice was plentiful but getting on the drier side. This next weather maker should put some moisture down to replenish the ice flows.  Screws were placed the entire way with only two pieces of rock gear one fixed and another small cam on the middle pitch. Last year at this time the route was bone dry and stayed that way to mid February. Some are saying this is a unique winter, if so I’ll take these good conditions on Cannon over last years.

Red sky in morning – let the snow begin.

Numerous ice screw holes around the second anchor, counted thirteen holes to be exact.

 The approach is rough, light snow cover, loose talus and scree.

Jerry enjoying the entire route.  This was the second time this season for us and it keeps getting better.

Art Mooney