This past Saturday, a boy scout troop from Groton Mass came out to seek some adventure on the vertical ice waterfalls of Champney Falls. This is the troop’s second year climbing with MMG so most of the scouts had some experience with the gear and skills necessary to climb the steep ice. After the beautiful walk into the falls we got right to it. MMG guides Matt and Alex led the routes and in no time the scouts were flying up the frozen waterfalls. Each of the scouts climbed every route that the guides could set up. Some scouts climbed with only one ice axe, and some even with no tools at all, completely relying on foot work and determination to ascend the difficult routes. Here are some photos from that trip. Enjoy!



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I must say that I was very impressed with the leadership and outdoor skills these scouts possessed. It was easy to see that each of them enjoyed being challenged, learning new things, and have had great instruction from their scout leaders.

Thank you all for the awesome day climbing at Champney!

Alex Teixeira & Matt Ritter

MMG Guides