It’s not often we get a day this clear and calm on Mt. Washington. More often sporting “the world’s worst weather,” it is very refreshing to be able to look around and see the surrounding peaks, ridges, and valleys. Not only was the weather perfect, the trail conditions were also stellar. Sara, Conor, and myself were able to make great time. Leaving the trail head at 7am, it was cold and still. The temperatures rose quickly and hiked to Gem Pool with few stops. We put our crampons on and headed up the steep Ammonusuc Trail, this is one of the steepest sections of trail in the White Mountains. But the trail was packed and held our crampons well. We were at Lakes of the Clouds before we knew it in perfect warm sunshine. As we approached the summit cone we encountered some hard snow and also some soft snow that we sunk into a little bit, this slowed us down at times but we were still moving steadily. We summitted at 12:30 in calm winds. We could see Lake Winnepesake, and into Vermont. On the way down the snow that made uphill travel tough, made downhill travel a pleasure as we plunge stepped down the hill.    We returned to the trail head at 3pm and went to the Woodstock Station to eat, drink, and be merry. The Patriots we on the big screen earning their way to the Superbowl as we chatted about the day and made plans for the future.

Thanks to Sara and Conor for an awesome day on the mountain!

Matt Ritter MMG Guide