One of the perks of working for Mooney Mountain Guides is the opportunity to demo gear before it hits the market and to provide feedback.  Recently, I have been using the new Mammut Multi-Pitch Chalk Bag, aka the Furman (in reference to the man who developed the concept).

Several years back while I was climbing at Cathedral Ledge, someone went through my bag and stole some of my gear from my pack, and adding insult to injury, took my approach shoes as well, leaving me to walk back to the car barefoot.  Though theft at the crag is rare, since that time, I have been skeptical about leaving anything of value at the base of a climb.  As a result, I would often climb with a small pack of valuables, even if I was going up just a few pitches.

Enter The Furman.


The Multi-Pitch Bag with a few items I packed in it.

The Furman, which uses a strap and clip to easily connect to your waist, is a larger chalk bag that contains two zippered pockets and a mesh pocket on the side.  One of the zippered pockets, which held my wallet and iPhone 5, provides me easy access to take out the phone and snap some pictures at the belay stations.  The other zippered pocket contains a clip for a climber to attach a set of keys and additional room for other items.  I have used it for my watch when I remove it for a crack climb.  Off on the other side, the mesh bag is perfect for a compact med kit, something you need but hope you don’t have to use.




Here is a better look at the way I packed some items.

On the bottom, the bungee cord and clip is designed to hold a light wind shirt.  With the warm temps this summer, I haven’t felt the need to bring one along; however, I did try it out at Acadia last week with a regular short sleeve polypro.  Though a little nervous about the shirt falling out, I cinched it down, and the shirt stayed intact without getting in my way at all.


Even with all of these features, it feels no larger than a normal chalk bag.  The deep pocket also allowed me to chalk my entire hand easily, including the back, has been great for crack climbs.  Unlike previous bags I have owned where the lining absorbs a good deal of chalk, The Furman keeps the chalk in the bag.

For me, it has been perfect in many places: from the Thin Air Face at Cathedral to Acadia, and even the few multi-pitch routes at Rumney.


So for a few shorter two to three pitch routes, I would strongly recommend the Mammut Multi-Pitch Bag, which should be out in stores in the spring of 2016.

Todd Goodman