Last week I was lucky enough to get out with a large portion of the Egger family, Rod and 3 of his sons, Sean Keith and Evan. The boys came with no ice climbing experience, varying levels of experience rock climbing, but a generally adventurous background. They were well prepared for the challenges both of weather, and of pushing ones self physically and mentally. It was great to see all four of them attack this new expereince with lots of determination and a fair amount of natural ability. Within a couple of laps they were on the steeps and running up lower angle ice without tools, building confidence in their footwork. By the end of the day many of them were running laps on the steepest ice Kinsman had to offer. Lucky for me, impending darkness called an end to our day. I don’t think I would’ve been able to tire them out to the point of quitting otherwise!


A family affair, and a not so rare, Art Mooney sighting at Kinsman Notch


Never enough steeps for the Egger Family


Some of them even decided to run laps on this steep pillar to finish the day!


Thanks for the visit guys! I hope to see you again soon, hear of your adventures and share another!

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Erik Thatcher