Here we are at the beginning of The American Mountain Guides Rock guide course in Red Rocks. This is a ten day program designed to meet the needs of aspiring guides who wish to further their skills and guide high end longer more complex Grade 3 to 5 routes. Our itinerary is quite full with multiple days of guided climbs, additional clinics on short rope work, and aspirant testing with movement skills and rescue components. It is the middle of the course and we have just had a one day break due to rain, tomorrow we start up again for five days of multi pitch routes in the canyons of Red Rocks.

First day morning meeting at Red Springs Picnic Area.

Derek on the Fox a varied climb from fingers to offwidth with a stiff rating of 5.10+.

Derek leading the team midway on Group Therapy.

Jim cruising the final pitch of Purblind Pillar.

We meet this Ringtail Cat as we prepped for our second route at Angel Food Wall.

Yes it rains in the desert and cold weather usually follows. We ending our day early in Oak Creek canyon.

Today we rested to give the cliff a chance to dry out. It was a unplanned but welcomed break from the group.

Art Mooney