Arriving mid-day, Aubrey came up to push himself again on Rumney’s steeper rock.  The rain had dried, the moderate temperature was perfect for climbing, and the crowds were gone.  After a good warm up at the Parking Lot Wall, we hopped on Egg McMeadows, a route that offered a variety of moves and challenges.



Warming up, walking across the ledge of Glory Jean’s.


We then headed to the Meadows to try out Rhinobucket to work on body position and footwork.  The dihedral in the middle of the route presented the perfect opportunity.


Aubrey readying himself for the technical start of Rhinobucket.


On the ledge after stemming his way up the dihedral.


No Money Down, a classic 5.10 at Rumney, was open, so we headed over to test ourselves on the steep, sharp rock, which required a range of techniques to ascend.


Keeping his arms straight, Aubrey conserves some energy on No Money Down.


Finding a good rest on the route, Aubrey chalked up and scouted the next section.


After a good pump, we finished the day on Hippos on Parade.  The technical bottom accompanied with the overhang at the top mirrored the progression of skills we worked on throughout the afternoon.

Thanks to Aubrey for a great day!

Todd Goodman