Tuesday was the day to be out on Cannon. It was a locals day for sure with multiple parties on the Black Dike and Fafnir, a team on the Mean Streak and another on Omega. I have climbed at Cannon since 1980 and I have never seen this much action on a winter day.

Jerry leading the way to the Black dike on Cannon.

Jerry came over to Plymouth Monday night as I figured we would need an early start to be ahead of other parties Рjust had a feeling. We met at 5:30 am and motored up to Franconia Notch. Yes we were the first in the lot and now I could relax a bit. We readied our gear and put headlamps on to see our way to the base of the Black Dike.

Jimmy joining us at our sheltered belay station.

The route is currently in fantastic condition. Each pitch has a complete runnel of ice on it. Protection is good with plenty of screws and rock gear on the thinnest sections. We climbed the route quickly – the cold and parties on our tail kept us moving. Our top out was before noon making our climb a 5.5 hour ascent.

Great mixed conditions on this section of the route.

We took a casual pace on the descent, taking about the route and the season to come.

Jerry sinking tools into the frozen turf.

Thanks to Jerry for a great day on Cannon. Art Mooney