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Mountaineering is a term that encompasses many skills that all come together and enable us to climb mountains. There are no set rules and the creative have a clear advantage. Part of getting creative is climbing rock with ice climbing equipment (mixed climbing), and being able to climb ice and rock simultaneously. In the mountains there is no taped routes, it is up to the climber to decipher a route to the top. This route may require these mixed climbing skills. Aubrey and I took to the ice, and rock, to train, climb and have a great time. After climbing eight different routes the sun was setting on an amazing day of mixed climbing.

photo 1

Fat in the cave.

photo 2

Steep rock.

photo 3

Rock and Ice

Thanks Aubry for a great day on the rock and ice.

Alex Teixeira

Every once and a while we come across people and become fast friends. These four have known each other for some time and make it a point to travel and go on adventures together. Last year they decided to get into climbing. Of course, they learned that climbing together with friends is incredibly enjoyable. Plus, it gets us outside, keeps us healthy, and allows us to see some beautiful places. It was a pleasure to be a part of their latest adventure. I hope they continue to climb, or at the very least keep going on adventures.

 photo 1

Matt, on his way to the top.

photo 2

Nick and Dave demonstrating textbook belaying.

photo 4

One tool challenge.

photo 5

Final challenge, climb out from under the roof.

Thank you all for an awesome day on the ice.

Alex Teixeira


Jerry and I have been on the ice for the past five days at a variety of areas. Jerry was looking to refine, steep climbing techniques on pillars and corners, climb a new alpine gully, and spend some time taking on the lead end of the rope. We kept our focus for the week and were treated to some fine ice conditions.



The Penguin route.

IMG_1347 IMG_1340

Dracula Right and Left


Trestle Cut area.


Newfound Lake


Jerry on lead – Duofold.


The Flume


Shoestring Gully


Crawford Notch area





The week was sooo good – thanks Jerry much appreciated.

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