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Bill Enjoying the Alpine Environment.

Bill is a climber. Even if it hasn’t been that long, he is totally into it. Bills goals are to climb the long, beautiful, moderate alpine routes that can be found in the mountain ranges all over the world. I don’t blame him; these routes are some of the most fun to climb. However, the mountaineer must have a toolbox of skills that he or she can employ to climb or escape a mountain objective. Bill came to MMG to be introduced to that toolbox.


Sending a steep section of ‘snice’.


Practicing rope travel techniques.


Bill Taking on the Crux

The location was Willie’s slide in Crawford Notch, NH. The long moderate ice and snow climb was the perfect classroom for Bills objectives. Some of the topics covered were rope travel, self-arrest, belaying, anchor building, multi-pitch ascents, ice axe use, crampons and many more. Bill was like a sponge absorbing the all the information he could about the sport he loves. Bill has what it takes to climb the big routes determination, technical skills, and above all a positive attitude. I can hardly wait for the learning to continue.

Thank you Bill for an awesome day of climbing in the alpine.

Alex Teixeira

MMG Guide

Del photo 1

Delphine is a new mountain explorer. She has been a skier for some time in the resort areas, until a little while ago when she tried ice climbing. It seems that with this experience she has caught the mountaineering bug. Delphine contacted MMG to go backcountry skiing on Mt. Cardigan near Bristol, NH. Since the ice climbing trip she went on, Delphine has begun winter camping and ski touring on her cross country skis. All this has left her wanting to get into the steeper back country terrain.

Del photo 2

To enter these areas one needs to have many skills beyond the ability to ski. Navigation, back country travel in winter, avalanche awareness, and many others. All these topics were discussed while we toured the Cardigan loop.


Our day began as we skinned up the Dukes trail towards the Firescrew. Once in the open face of the Firescrew we decided to take the skins off for a quick run through the trees. Here Delphine ripped it up, speeding and carving perfect turns around the trees and through snow drifts. After climbing back to our packs, we continued our ascent up the Firescrew towards the summit of Cardigan.


On our traverse of the exposed ridgeline the wind and the snow picked up giving us a real alpine feel. We skinned right over the summit of Cardigan! After a picture or two we began our descent. With a little navigation in the fog we found our next objective, the long steep Alexandria trail.


Soon we were flying through the trees to where the Alexandria really opens up. Once there Delphine and I let it rip full speed down the trail. It’s amazing how fast one can travel through mountain terrain on skis. What took us a few hours to climb, we were down in minutes. All together, the grand tour of Mt. Cardigan on skis is one of the mountain gems of New Hampshire.

Thank you Delphine for a great day in the mountains. I look forward to more skiing and learning about avalanche awareness in the Mt. Washington backcountry.

Alex Teixeira

MMG Guide