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Early season conditions on Odell's Gully, Mt Washington NH

Climbing on Mt Washington in the early season can be a rugged affair. The approach is long and difficult. The trail can have a variety of conditions with ice, boulders, mud, thick brush and running water. I love this type of mountain adventure but it’s one I need to psyche myself up for. Mike and I made the journey the day after Thanksgiving.  We were both well fed and rested – ready for a big day on Mt Washington, NH.

Mike getting ready for his first sticks in Odell's Gully

Now we have finally reached the climb. Looking ahead we are seeing thin ice and snow covered rock. We choose the left side of the climb to stay away from the unstable looking ice above Mike in the sun. The first few pitched are quite good with enough ice to get good sticks as look as you look and choose each placement carefully.

Mike enjoying the exciting mixed pitch on Odell's Gully.

Looking down the third pitch of the climb. Mike climbed up the flared groove below and he is now working across a narrow ledge system to gain the ridge on the left. This was a very exciting pitch on good solid rock.

The beautiful but harsh landscape on the alpine gardens above Huntington’s Ravine.

The alpine areas in NH are very harsh. The cold can be extreme, whiteouts are common with fog and blowing snow, the high winds make travel very difficult at times. On the contrary today was a gem we had time to look around and enjoy this truly amazing place.

Thanks to Mike for joining me on this alpine adventure on Mt Washington NH.

Art Mooney